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Data Management & Design Services
W.E. help businesses do business.
W.E. help build and maintain your network services and infrastructure.
Are you WebEquipped?

web (web) n.
1. a network
2. the network spun by a spider, etc.
3. a.k.a the Internet, World Wide Web

e•quip•ped (i kwip't) adj.
1. having resources, supplies, knowledge, etc.
2. one that has the equipment

web•e•quip•ped (web i kwip't) adj.
1. a network having resources, supplies, knowledge, etc.
2. a network that has the equipment
3. WE help YOU do business on the Internet

What we do:
First and foremost, we want to save you money! You are running a business: the overhead of managing and maintaining computer systems in today's economy can put a real drain on your budget. We specialize in providing you the expertise in supporting your computer infrastructure with minimal down time and maximizing your current investment in technology. We pride ourselves in being able to provide solutions that have the lowest cost, but maintain the highest of integrity and durability.

We build and protect your local area network.
  • Microsoft Windows Server and services technology specialist; Build redudant and reliable network servers.
  • Firewall / Routers, the front line to your internet connection. Run your business securely.
  • We make sure all of your network resources: printers, file shares and databases are available to your network users.
  • Disaster plans and recovery, off-site secure data storage. Lets us help you get there or improve what you have.
  • Desktop systems: upgrading, security integration, virus protection or just a service to help them run better.
  • Email Services: management, security, antivirus, DNSBL, SURBL and URIBL integration, see our FREE DNSBL service.

We build desktop applications, Databases, web applications and web services. We have the experiance you need to build your desktop application for use on your office desktops and with your company database. Do you need an internet presents; a web portal or a rich internet application web site for your business. We can take your existing web applications and services to the next level or we can build you a new system from scratch. We specilize in working with the latest Microsoft Dot Net Framework and platforms. We utilize the latest in architecture, design and implementation patterns.

We get your business WebEquipped!
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